Board Agenda


 New Mexico Junior College 

Board  Meeting

This meeting will be streaming on TDS Cable Channel 19

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Zia Board Room - Pannell Library

1:30 pm




A. Welcome Pat Chappelle
B. Adoption of Agenda Pat Chappelle
C. Approval of Minutes of February 15, 2024 Pat Chappelle
D. President’s Report Derek Moore
E. Information Items

1. Board Finance Committee Meeting Update
2. Monthly Expenditure Report
3. Monthly Revenue Report
4. Oil and Gas Revenue Report
5. Schedule of Investments

Guy Kesner
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan

F. New Business
    1. Consideration of Phase 1 Site Project
    2. Consideration of Housing & Meal Plan Rate Increases
    3. Consideration of Athletics Master Plan
    4. Consideration of RFP #146 - Temporary Staffing Services
    5. Consideration of RFP #147 - Commercial Package Insurance
    6. Consideration of Board Travel to the 2024 ACCT Leadership
        Conference in Seattle, Washington, October 23-26, 2024

Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
JoeMike Gomez
JoeMike Gomez
Pat Chappelle

G. Public Comments


H. Determination of Next Meeting Pat Chappelle

I. Closure of Meeting

    •  Discussion of Limited Personnel Matters Pursuant to NMSA 1978 §10-15-1          H (2) - (i)

   o   Consideration of Employee Appeal under 火博体育官网 Employee Handbook                   Policy No. 401

    o   Annual review of the President’s Contract


F.  New Business (Continuation)
     8. Consideration of Employee Appeal
     9. Consideration of President’s Contract

Scotty Holloman
Pat Chappelle
J.  Adjournment Pat Chappelle